XEON Quad Server (Heavy Duty)

XEON Quad Server (Heavy Duty) $3,495.95 Intel Entry Server Board S3000AH – ATX – Intel 3000 – LGA775 – UDMA100, Serial ATA-300 (RAID) – 2 x Gigabit Ethernet – video Intel Quad-Core Xeon X3220 / 2.4 GHz (1066 MHz) – LGA775 Socket – L2 8 MB (2 x 4MB (4MB per core pair) Kingston 2 GB Dual Channel (2 x 1GB) 667MHz PC5300 DDR2 DIMMS Antec Atlas Server Tower Case w/ Truepower2 550Watt PS (Black) 320 GB Seagate... [Read More...]

XP Pro Sudio Server (Light Duty)

XP Pro Sudio Server (Light Duty) $1,699.95 Intel E6750 2.66G 1333 FSB Intel DG31PR 1333 FSB ATX Motherboard Kingston KVR667D2N5/2G DDR2 2 Seagate 500G SATA 3.0 16mb ST3320620AS Mission Critical RAID Array Asus 8600GT HTDP 512M PCI-E Video LG 20X GSA-H55NB DVDRW Antec NSK4480 Tower case 380W Bk These systems are modified for use with remote access (Terminal Services) and WEB serving with ASP Support for PACS Systems. Notes: A Pre-configured Router... [Read More...]