P.C.A.S Preferred Customer Access System

P.C.A.S Preferred Customer Access System

  • Introduction: The PCAS system is a web base interface that allows limited customer access to a live point of sales systems via the Internet. This document focuses on the Total Shop Manager point of sale system.
  • The PCAS system is real time, meaning if you sell an item the web site is automatically updated at the same moment. AR, Vehicle status and other systems act this way as well.
  • Access too many commonly used functions are available right out of the box, customization is possible of course. Information about fleet vehicles, repair status and account information are just some of the basic features
  • This system is intended to be run inside your shop on the very same system that the database currently resides on. Most companies will already have the basics to run this web based application. Listed below are the requirements for a moderate size business.

Package pricing is available for single users or franchise deployment.

  • Credit Card Processing.
  • WEB or Application based transactions customized for individual systems.
  • Customized credit card software on demand

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